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Yesterday I shared the news of my first book. Today I’ve got news about my eighth.

Behold the galley jacket for “Dolce Vita Confidential,” due October 4, 2016 from W. W. Norton.

DolceVitaConfidential-BG-Cover-page-001 JPEG

20 Years En Route

koc-hbPardon the self-promotion, but, really, who else would do it? 😉

Twenty years ago last month I published my first book, “King of Comedy: The Life and Art of Jerry Lewis.” It appeared in a single hardback edition and, the following year, a single paperback edition. There were no ebooks at the time (my second book, published in 1998, was the first of my work to be published digitally, and that was after an amendment to the contract). The book has had a pretty good reputation over the years, but it’s been unavailable outside of the resale market for two decades, more or less.

TODAY, for the first time ever, “King of Comedy” will be available as an ebook for your digital reader, tablet, phone, what have you. You can buy it here.

For some reason, I am more than a little tickled by this.

And, again, thanks for your indulgence. This writing thing can get kind of lonely. Grateful to have a place to crow a little and a murder of fellow crows around who won’t…murder me for it.

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Outta here (via TheFinalImage)

Outta here (via TheFinalImage)

“You win this round, Internet….” (via DoublePantomime)

"You win this round, Internet…." (via DoublePantomime)

Movin’ on (via ModRules)

Movin’ on (via ModRules)

I-spy (via BlazePress)

I-spy (via BlazePress)

My inner life (via TheMobileMovement)

My inner life (via TheMobileMovement)

Lads (via AllFilmStills)

Lads (via AllFilmStills)

Being geniuses together: Eartha Kitt & Nat King Cole (via…

Being geniuses together: Eartha Kitt & Nat King Cole (via LoseTheBoyfriend)

Woodses (via WoodNNatalie)

Woodses (via WoodNNatalie)

The kid De Niro (with & without his old man)

The kid De Niro (with & without his old man)

Gent (via ShyOfTheMoon)

Gent (via ShyOfTheMoon)

Indeed. (via TheComicsVault)

Indeed. (via TheComicsVault)

Material (via LoveLifeEffLimits)

Material (via LoveLifeEffLimits)

That girl: Ann-Margaret (via ModRules)

That girl: Ann-Margaret (via ModRules)

On second thought, I’ll have the Hoo Hash…. (via…

On second thought, I’ll have the Hoo Hash…. (via ArcaneImages)

“Well, doctor, I think I started disliking Christmas when I was…

"Well, doctor, I think I started disliking Christmas when I was a girl…." (via WeirdVintage)