pnal-hb1Nearly four years after I first had the idea to write it, my latest book, “Paul Newman:  A Life,” is entering the publishing phase.  In this case, this means watching tabloid media grab the tiniest bits of scandal in the book and declare my sober, nerdy, reverential book an “explosive,” “edgy” “tell-all.”  (To be called a sensationalist by Page Six and Inside Edition is an astounding experience, let me tell you.)

Anyway, here’s a blog entry from Mad About Movies discussing the bizarre tabloidization of the book, and here’s a Publisher’s Weekly review by someone who actually read it and isn’t trying to sell papers or commercial time by distorting its content (it’s about halfway down the page), and, finally, a story from Aaron Mesh at Willamette Week, who also read the book and chatted with me about this madness the other night.

More insanity to come, I’m sure.

LATE ADD:  Phil Nugent, a flim critic and blogger whom I don’t know from Adam, has written about the tabloidization of the book — for which I thank him.