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Yack Track

No reviews this weekend, but I did a long interview with Chris Gondek, proprietor of the Biography Podcast, and you can sample it here.

Talkin’ Newman with My Old Pal Movie Mom

Nell Minow and I worked together in the Stone Age of the web (on the much lamented MovieMatch web site).  And, if I may be permitted to speak for her, we both enjoyed the experience.

I know I was lucky to have found her.  Nell is a real-life corporate watchdog who makes shady Chairmen of the Board quake, and her dad, Newton Minow, was a famed FCC comissioner.  But movies are her passion and she developed the Movie Mom persona in the web’s early days, spinning out into all sorts of media.

So obviously the benefit of this relationship has been entirely mine.  And it continues to be:  Here’s an interview that Nell and I conducted via e-mail and which she’s posted on her blog on Belief.Net.

Thanks again, Nell!

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