The post below was starting to get a bit long and unwieldy, so I thought I’d break out this second batch on its own. As before, most complimentary on top, and downward from there.

“Hello….Newman!” — PowellsBooks.Blog — May 9

“Newman’s Own Appeal” — Washington Post, May 9

(There’s also a podcast of me talking with an editor from the Post’s Book World.)

“Graceful tribute to one-of-a-kind man Paul Newman” — Seattle Times, May 10

Oregonian Film Critic Traces Paul Newman’s Artistic Journey — The Oregonian, May 8 (This one is in a category of its own, not only because it is particularly kind, but because — and this is a mite embarassing — I work there.  If it’s any consolation, I’ve had a bad review in The Oregonian in my time.)