Paul Newman died a year ago today, which is as notable an occasion as I can think of for updating this woefully dormant page.

First, catching up on some old-ish business.

Here’s the podcast of my July appearance on Live Wire!, which was enormous fun.

I’ve got two reviews to share as well, both kind and flattering:

“Paul Newman:  A Life” (Oak Hill Gazette (Austin, TX), 9/9/09)

“Life of a Legend” (Internet Review of Books, 9/09)

And here’s a TV-watching tip.  If you’re in the Portland area and an early riser, catch me tomorrow morning (Sunday, September 27) at 6:30 am on NW 32’s “Outlook Portland,” when I will sit with Rick Emerson for what turned out to be one of the best interviewing experiences I’ve ever had.

Finally, the UK edition of the book is on sale in a week or so.  That’s the jacket above.  I, naturally, prefer the sexy, sexy American edition, but I preferred the American edition of “Rat Pack Confidential” and the Brits did bang-up business with their version, so….