DeNiro Cover

It’s been a remarkably busy few weeks for “De Niro: A Life,” and I’ve been negligent in sharing the results of the activity.  That ends now.


— Lisa Schwarzbaum weighed in for the New York Times Book Review

— Peter Tonguette did the same for the Christian Science Monitor

— In the Washington Post, Sibbie O’Sullivan  had a go

— At Flavorwire, Jason Bailey compared my De Niro book with my chum Glenn Kenny’s

— Maybe your Portuguese trumps mine; if so, check out this nice notice from Cassio Starling Carlos in O Vale

— Finally, Michael Chasin took a turn at 



A few news outlets included the book in their holiday book roundups:

The Austin Chronicle

The Toronto Star

The Vancouver Sun



— I spoke with April Baer on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s “State of Wonder”

— And I chatted with Dr. Alvin Jones on his Dr. Alvin radio show and web site.


As before, the book is available in print and/or in digital formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, and other purveyors of words-on-paper and/or -screens.