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“De Niro: A Life”: A big pile of reviews, interviews and whatnots

DeNiro Cover

It’s been a remarkably busy few weeks for “De Niro: A Life,” and I’ve been negligent in sharing the results of the activity.  That ends now.


— Lisa Schwarzbaum weighed in for the New York Times Book Review

— Peter Tonguette did the same for the Christian Science Monitor

— In the Washington Post, Sibbie O’Sullivan  had a go

— At Flavorwire, Jason Bailey compared my De Niro book with my chum Glenn Kenny’s

— Maybe your Portuguese trumps mine; if so, check out this nice notice from Cassio Starling Carlos in O Vale

— Finally, Michael Chasin took a turn at 



A few news outlets included the book in their holiday book roundups:

The Austin Chronicle

The Toronto Star

The Vancouver Sun



— I spoke with April Baer on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s “State of Wonder”

— And I chatted with Dr. Alvin Jones on his Dr. Alvin radio show and web site.


As before, the book is available in print and/or in digital formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, and other purveyors of words-on-paper and/or -screens.


“The best profession in the world is being a sacked coach. He…

"The best profession in the world is being a sacked coach. He gets up at 10.30 am, has breakfast, goes jogging, has a sauna, then reads the papers. Lunch with friends, a siesta, a walk, a meeting with his agent, off to the bank to check his interest.  On returning home, a fantastic supper with the family. In between there’s time to criticize someone he doesn’t know. Their parasitic lives fulfill them professionally and financially. My message is ‘Go to work, idlers. If you don’t want to, let others work in peace’.” — Jose Mourinho, 2005

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