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Action afoot….

Dead Reckoning

  Until further notice….or whenever I get myself together enough to rebuild this site properly from scratch….

…and In with the New

Yesterday I shared the news of my first book. Today I’ve got news about my eighth. Behold the galley jacket for “Dolce Vita Confidential,” due October 4, 2016 from W. W. Norton.

20 Years En Route

Pardon the self-promotion, but, really, who else would do it? ūüėČ Twenty years ago last month I published my first book, “King of Comedy: The Life and Art of Jerry Lewis.” It appeared in a single hardback edition and, the following year, a single paperback edition. There were no ebooks at the time (my second […]

Derby Day: A Video Poem About Pride, Passion & Bouncing Balls

Review: “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

Review: “The Imitation Game”

“De Niro: A Life”: A big pile of reviews, interviews and whatnots

It’s been a remarkably busy few weeks for “De Niro: A Life,” and I’ve been negligent in sharing the results of the activity. ¬†That ends now. REVIEWS — Lisa Schwarzbaum weighed in for the New York Times Book Review — Peter Tonguette did the same for the Christian Science Monitor — In the Washington Post, […]

“De Niro: A Life”: the questions and answers keep coming!

Another Q-&-A hit the web this week, this one with the Portland Tribune. And then there’s this humblingly positive review from Peter Martin at Twitch. Publishers Weekly chimed in as well, somewhat neutrally. There was a nice note about this week’s Powell’s event in the Portland Mercury. I was on the radio in Ireland on […]

“De Niro: A Life”: They’ve got the Qs, I’ve got the As

It is, apparently, an era of Q-&-A interviews — which, as a journalist I understand (it’s quicker) but as an author I rather bridle against (it’s more work to write my answers out than simply to say¬†’em). Anyhow, “De Niro: A Life” has occasioned two such interviews in recent days: — One from Reuters which […]

“De Niro: A Life”: New links, chatter, dates

Week two of the release of “De Niro: ¬†A Life,” and I’ve got some nuggets to share. Firstly: ¬†My appearance on Weds morning (Sydney time; Tuesday afternoon here) on Australia’s “Mornings” talk show. Then a couple of print Q-and-A interviews: ¬†one in Word and Film, one in Biographile. There was also a brief chat about¬†the […]

“De Niro: A Life”: Publication Day Hullabaloo

The book hit shelves — brick-and-mortar and digital — yesterday, and it was greeted by a fair bit of noise. First, a pair of reviews: ¬†one in my hometown paper (and former employer) The Oregonian; one in the film- focused web site FlickSided. Then there was this: ¬†a round-up of the most personally embarrassing and […]

“De Niro: A Life”: News, dates, links

Today marks one week exactly until the official publication date of my new book, “De Niro: A Life,” and there’s some stuff to share. EVENTS If you’re in the Portland area, I’ve got three personal appearances coming up: On November 11, I’ll be downtown at Powell’s City of Books for a traditional reading-&-signing event. ¬†On […]

“….neverwas….”: The Lost Beatles ’70s Album

  Inspired by a moment of profound¬†genius in Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood,” I recently compiled a playlist of 39 tracks that represents my idea of the album that The Beatles might have made in the ’70s if they had been together. Comprised of solo tracks by each Beatle, it shows how close the four principals were […]

De Niro: A Life — on sale from October 28

My latest. Available in print and/or in digital formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, and other purveyors of words-on-paper.

Review: “Iron Man 3”

Review: “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone”

Review: “On the Road”

Review: “Trance”

Review: “Stand Up Guys”

Review: “Les Miserables”

Review: “The Hobbit”

Review: “Hitchcock”

Review: “Lincoln”

Review: “Wreck-It Ralph”

Review: “Cloud Atlas”

My review of “Frankenweenie” from KGW TV

“Reading Film, Writing Film”: My class at Attic Institute

So the good folks at Portland’s Attic Institute¬†have invited me to teach a class this fall, and as I have some time on my hands and have always enjoyed teaching, I’ve agreed to dip a toe back into the world of pedagogy. The class is called “Reading Film, Writing Film,”¬†and it’s intended as both an […]

My town

My town

Watching the World Cup in South America

I’m in Montevideo, Uruguay, today, June 11, for the start of the World Cup. Uruguay take on France in the second match of the day, and I’ve passed through Peru and Argentina to get here. I’ve posted a couple of reports about the football-related aspects of my journey on my OregonLive soccer blog, “The World […]

I am a lazy blogger…

Not really. I mean, I blog constantly here. But this page and my soccer blog have suffered. The good news is that I feel guilty about it. And I’m hitting up some friends this week for ideas about how to keep this page more current. So, in short, give me a bit of time but […]

An Anniversary — and Making Up for Lost Time

Paul Newman died a year ago today, which is as notable an occasion as I can think of for updating this woefully dormant page. First, catching up on some old-ish business. Here’s the podcast of my July appearance on Live Wire!, which was enormous fun. I’ve got two reviews to share as well, both kind […]

Radio, Radio

Tomorrow night (Friday 7/24) I’ll be a guest on Live Wire, Portland’s way-cool radio variety show.¬† Looking forward to being on stage at the historic Aladdin Theater (“Deep Throat” played there for YEARS) and to having the show broadcast on OPB on Saturday.¬† Yay radio!

Late to the Party, But Welcome….

Three recent reviews: Paul Newman’s Great American Life of Triumph and Tragedy — Creative Loafing Tampa, July 17 An Excellent Overview of Paul Newman — Pittsburg Post-Gazette, July 8 Books in Brief — Toronto Sun, July 5

“PN: AL”: The Latest Haps

Had a nice review last week in the Boston Phoenix:¬† “Newman’s Own:¬† Mainstream Life, Good Read” Then Parade Magazine picked the book as one of its “Great Summer Reads.” And just today I spent an hour talking Newman on WOSU in Columbus, Ohio.¬† You can listen/download here.

Catching Up With Reviews — and Another Reading/Signing

A few new (or at least newish) reviews to throw on the bonfire: “On the Beach” — Hour magazine (Canada), June 18 “Paul Newman:¬† Actor Laureate” —, June 9 “The Unknowable Paul Newman” — Toronto Globe and Mail, June 2 (the only negative review so far, and from a guy who, though I admire […]

My Big Fat Videocast Debut

Friday night I was the guest on the twin installments of Strange Love Live, the popular Portland-based webcast that deals with tech issues and other aspects of popular culture each week on the interwebs.¬† The hosts, Cami Kaos and Dr. Normal, have an inordinately cool setup in their Sellwood home — a real professional class […]

New Reviews, Including One from the Radio

This weekend’s notices: “A Hot Book About Cool Hand Luke” — New York Times News Syndicate (via Taipei Times), June 7 Movie Talk —¬† KBOO radio, June 5 “Books:¬† ‘Paul Newman:¬† A Life’” — Washington Times, June 7 And a couple others that I’d missed: “‘Paul Newman:¬† A Life’” — Edge Boston, May 27 “Paul […]

Yack Track

No reviews this weekend, but I did a long interview with Chris Gondek, proprietor of the Biography Podcast, and you can sample it here.

Talkin’ Newman with My Old Pal Movie Mom

Nell Minow and I worked together in the Stone Age of the web (on the much lamented MovieMatch web site).¬† And, if I may be permitted to speak for her, we both enjoyed the experience. I know I was lucky to have found her.¬† Nell is a real-life corporate watchdog who makes shady Chairmen of […]

This Week’s Reviews

The Kansas City Star, May 24 New York Post, May 24 (This one is especially amusing/irritating as the writer laments the tabloid publicity surrounding the book in the early days of its release without acknowledging that it was instigated by the Post.) New York Daily News, May 24 And a few words about the audio […]

“Let’s Go Boo the Tenor….”

Thus say the Milanese, some of the world’s great opera fanatics, when they’re off to see a new production. In the same spirit, I invite all my readers in the Portland area to the readings and signings I’ll be doing in support of “Paul Newman:¬† A Life” this week and next. At 6 p.m. on […]

Another Weekend, Another Set of Judgements

The gavels are still ringing down around the country: “‘Paul Newman: A Life’” — The Christian Science Monitor, May 16 (The same writer, Stephen Humphries, has more to say about the book in this entry on his blog.) “Paul Newman:¬† A Life in Movies, Theater and Salad Dressing” — Time, May 19 “The Book on […]

Reviews — Round the Second

The post below was starting to get a bit long and unwieldy, so I thought I’d break out this second batch on its own. As before, most complimentary on top, and downward from there. “Hello….Newman!” — PowellsBooks.Blog — May 9 “Newman’s Own Appeal” — Washington Post, May 9 (There’s also a podcast of me talking […]

Big Whoop: Me on TV

Two clips from Tuesday: KATU’s AM Northwest and KGW’s Live @ 7 (And, if you missed it, my testy “Inside Edition” interview, from which this charming image was screengrabbed.)

But what do the critics say…..?

Because nothing in art really happens until critics weigh in on it, I share with you this canonical list of reviews of “Paul Newman: A Life,” ranked, as one would rank them, from kindest to least kind. As someone who plies the critical trade, I shan’t comment further. But I can tell you this: I […]

Newman Newsiness

“Paul Newman: A Life” drops, as the cool kidz say, on Tuesday, May 5, and I’m going to gather up little bits of this and that from around the web. Up until now it’s been gossip leaks and little previews like my appearance at Cinema 21 to introduce “Hud” last weekend. But this first week […]

Newman Time

Nearly four years after I first had the idea to write it, my latest book, “Paul Newman:¬† A Life,” is entering the publishing phase.¬† In this case, this means watching tabloid media grab the tiniest bits of scandal in the book and declare my sober, nerdy, reverential book an “explosive,” “edgy” “tell-all.”¬† (To be called […]